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Scooper Betting Tips: Increase Your Chances Of Winning On Football Bets


Jan. 22, 2019

Remember that N100k that was sure until Arsenal defeated Chelsea on Saturday, and you had to TEAR YOUR TICKET?
We got that Spot On!
...and when Real Madrid left it late against Sevilla
As an information hub that cares about her readers, Scooper has created ‘Scooper Betting Tips’ to help you increase your chances of winning.
The series has been on for a couple of months now and we’ve got a great record - as high as 95 per cent correct predictions…
Below is yet another prove:
By playing our games, you increase your chances of winning by a WHOOPING 95%
We love Betting Companies, but we love you more, so we go the extra length to ensure you are the one smiling to the bank, not them.
NOTE, we said 95%?
The remaining 5 per cent unaccounted for is why we always advice our readers to play with only money they ‘are not using’ i.e. money you can and are willing to let go of.
Thanks to awesome reception from our readers, Scooper Betting Tips continue, and we hope to increase our correctness percentage a tad higher as we progress.
To follow the series, always check the app for fresh Betting Tips every Friday, then Tuesdays and Thursdays for midweek matches.
Scooper Betting Tips… Best way to win it all!!!
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