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The App That Filters Content From Best-selling Books And Picks For You Key Ideas
Brian|Jan. 23, 2019
When Bill Gates, renowned founder of Microsoft was asked what supernatural power he would choose were he to pick one, he said 'the ability to read faster'. In light of this, the role reading plays cannot be over-accentuated. Reading sharpens wits and sweeps knowledge towards the reader, improving thinking habits and in turn general productivity. 
However, most people have been accused of being lazy at reading, finding it an arduous task to get done. And for those who enjoy reading, most still feel limited as a result of their slow reading habits, deeply ingrained in them. Looking at these issues, the question that begs for an answer is, then what could be the probable solution?
In an attempt to make reading a quicker activity to get done, technology presents to the world Blinkist App. This App has been designed with genius and ingenuity at their best, providing only key ideas from over 2500 best-selling non-fiction books in just 15 minutes! The summary comes in form of text and audio, saving readers from surfing through a mountain of words in search of key ideas.
Blinkist has dedicated readers who leaf through pages with a reader's precision and then summarize the information into a handy-dandy easy-to-digest guide
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