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Bad Boys: Girls, Here Are Five Men You Should Not Date In 2019
Cynthia|Jan. 26, 2019
Stingy and broke men
Don’t date a man who doesn’t splurge on you. Life is too short sis. I hate how it has become the general opinion that women are money hungry opportunists and that we have to prove ourselves to men by not acting like we are in it for the money. Some women are so afraid of being labeled gold diggers that they stick with good-for-nothing miserly men. I have said it before and I will say it again; you are not obligated to date broke or stingy men. If that makes you a gold digger then so be it.
 Stinking men
I know I keep harping on this issue but I think it is a real problem. There are too many men with poor personal hygiene: men who don’t shower or brush their teeth but get offended when you don’t want to cuddle or make out with them.
Someone please teach Kenyan men proper hygiene! A friend recently had a bad experience with a man she met online when he showed up for their date in visibly dirty and creased clothes and reeking of stale sweat.
And, mind you, that was the first date. He couldn’t even be bothered to jump in the shower so he could make a good impression on a first date! It is a shame!
Serial baby daddies
I don’t date baby daddies. I am selfish. I like all of my man’s attention on me. I also want my first child to be my husband’s first child as well. But that’s just me. I have nothing against baby daddies.
I understand that life happens and marriages and relationships fall apart even when there are children involved. However, what I can’t stomach are these men who have multiple childrenwith multiple women. How are you, in your right mind, going to date a man with five baby mothers? It is ridiculous! Miss me with that!
Alcoholics and drug users
I don’t tolerate any form of substance abuse in a relationship. No woman should! The thing with drug abuse and addiction is that you can’t hope that things will get better.
Things only get worse as time goes on. I see lots of women tolerating men who can’t hold their liquor or men who are fond of ‘the herb’ and use it on a daily basis and they don’t see anything wrong with it.
There is nothing cool about smoking weed daily or drinking yourself to a stupor in your adult years. Ladies, do away with such kind of men this New Year.
In it for only one thing boys
If he is just concerned about the physical relationship and won’t put any time, effort or money into building a real connection with you, let him go.
We are no longer tolerating men who just want to use us for our bodies. Don’t be anybody’s sex buddy in 2019. Sister, resist!
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