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Whoa! Apple's New iPhone To Feature Laser-Powered Camera That Takes 3D Photos!
Brian|Feb. 02, 2019
Apple's new iPhones are set to include a laser-powered camera for 3D images, according to a new report.
The new imaging system is likely to be the flagship feature on the flagship phone that will be released in 2020, which will replace the iPhone XS Max. And it is just one of a range of updates and new products that are set to be released over the coming years, according to Bloomberg.
First, a new 2019 phone will include three cameras on its back, allowing for vastly improved photographs, according to the same report. It will allow Apple to take more detailed photos as well as potentially allow for them to be edited after they have been taken.
On both phones, the new camera features are likely to be the biggest and most-discussed new upgrades. Apple has focused on photography in its recent phones as it aims to encourage purchases despite falling demand for new handsets. 
The 2020 camera will include technologies that allow it to scan the world around it, creating a three-dimensional picture of the world around it. In that respect, it will work similarly to the Face ID scanner that currently allows people to unlock their phones with facial recognition – but it will use different a different method, and work over much longer distances.
The laser-powered camera will be part of a phone that will also include upgraded chips, an improved lens system as well as alterations to how the phones can take photos, the same report claimed.
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