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Scooper Career Tips: 12 Steps To Being A Great Manager


Feb. 04, 2019

First things first, you can only be  great manager if you can manage yourself.
This can be quite daunting and  difficult especially for new managers, when starting a group or organization, or when the group or organization is undergoing significant changes.
But if you follow the steps listed below, you will not only be effective, but go ahead to impact lives, change your company for good and achieve more.
Don’t waste your time on pointless meetings. If it is not crucial, don’t have it, Many managers try to create an air of seriousness by having endless meetings. The time they should spend getting things done.
Never let sexual harassment, bullying, namecalling and other bad situation go unpunished.
Treat new employees well. Many companies are nasty to rookies. They have a poor assimulating system and newbies are left to hang and dry or find their feet themselves.
Give credit. When people have done well, cheer them up. Encourage them.
Do not encourage gossip and rumors. Settle problems as soon as they occur. Do not let issues fester.
Do not encourage unhealthy rivalry.
Cultivate a good work culture. Companies that have thought about their culture have 17% higher profit growth than those who didn’t.
Know your team. Before you decide whom to delegate a task to, make sure you know what you’re delegating. That it is their strength area or at least they can learn and excel in it. Don’t put square pegs in round holes.
Keep your words. If you want to be a more effective manager, make sure you’re not making promises you can’t keep. Your word must count.
Provide training and technology to everyone. Make sure you are giving your employees the needed tools to sharpen their skills.
Listen. It is important to learn how to handle  employee’s feedback? Take a breath, swallow your pride, and listen.
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