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SCOOPER PARENTS' CORNER: 5 Indispensable Materials For Your 3 – 12 Year Old


Feb. 04, 2019

Children need a lot more than going to school to learn alphabets and numbers to be able to build their minds, expand their imagination and enhance their creativity.  The way the world is structured now, children are fast and deep thinkers and to help them get better as they grow older, a school counselor recommended the following.
I can testify to the effectiveness of this. I had tons of books growing up and it has helped me with analyzing any situation I have found myself and it’s also a good way of teaching right and wrong, you can reinforce morals but mostly help the children's mind to grow, it takes them to that land of fantasy that allows them question everything that society tries to force then to conform to. This will also improve language use, spellings and learning new word. Also instead of filling their minds up with junks, imagining characters and their stories help them focus.
This, apart from the fact that it strengthens their hand rotation helps them to appreciate colors, learn colors and identify objects. Different age with different content of Coloring Book. While young children will have animals, house Hold objects to color, older kids might have gadgets, landscape, etc. to color. It will also keep them busy and encourage them think differently.
As they grow older, it is nice to buy them books that are written drama, which they can reenact with their friend. I remember children enacting the incorruptible judge, lion and the jewel etc. You might want to buy age appropriate books on plays so they can be interested.  This will help their reading, pronunciations, speaking in public etc. It will enhance their creative side, ability to perform on stage and in public etc.
Buy art supplies ranging from drawing books to water color, color pencils, markers, cardboard, paint brushes, canvas etc. They don't have to wait till they get to school for fine art. They should play with their imaginations and create whatever it is they want. This will also help their imaginations and expose them to art appreciations as well as help them find their hobbies.
Toys such as kitchen sets, saloon kits, building and construction equipment, hospital sets, grocery store set, etc. these are very good for helping them learn identification of objects as well as know uses and names. You can also invest in toys shaped as fruits and vegetables or other foods. This is very helpful in starting their minds towards a career of interest.
The most important things is that our children can reason far and wide beyond the alphabets and numbers thought in the four walls of a school and a creative and imaginative mindset is always an optimistic one that believes everything is possible. So help you children build interests and hobbies that will form the basis of their careers.
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