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MenSpeak: What Do Men Want For Valentine?


Feb. 11, 2019

“The hardest part of valentine is finidng the right gift.” Nedu says. He adds, “It takes you ages to search for the perfect gift and after you finally found it, you're second-guessing your very expensive purchase. 
You wonder, “Will he/she like it?  Did I spend too much?  If things don't work out, will I get it back?”
“How is it that one day can cause so much madness?  Yemi a political writer and football enthusiast says.
He believes that while Valentine's Day can be the most romantic day of the year for many couples, it is also be the most stressful.
“Personally, I endure it.
I wish so much emphasis was not placed on it. Buying special gifts is not my forte, and neither do I want anything, especially since I can do love everyday” He adds.
Demola a graphic designer disagrees. “I would like a phone and a Go Kart Racing,
“Guys like gifts that are functional and durable.
“Techie stuff are also much appreciated”
Ife, a writer says he loves wrist watches and would appreciate a shirt”
Elvis an event manager says he will love an Internet Bundle. “It will be very useful and will meet a need”.
Femi insists that Nigerian women do not give gifts. He says, “Whatever I get, I will really enjoy. I think it is the effort that counts.
Julius says he would love a bracelet that has her name on it. “What will be more important though would be the quality time we spend together and the sex.”
Efe is a Digital Marketer and he says, He will love loads of food. “Homemade Foodfest”.
Tony insists that to win his heart, a game console and a gift voucher will be perfect.
Jason says although in Shanghai, women don’t give gifts on Valentine’s day, he would love a wrist watch.
Ebuka would appreciate a phone
Truth is, no matter what you get, you may not sure if he will appreciate it except you have found a way to ask in advance.
However, If your significant other has the least bit of common courtesy, they will tell you it's the nicest gift they've ever received and you'll spend the rest of your relationship life wondering if it was an ever-loving lie.
So, how do you avoid that horrible scenario? Always remember, it's not the physical gift that counts, it's the thought behind it.
How to be Spot On?
Sit down for a moment and think about your significant other.  What's important to them?  What is their passion?  Look deeper than the size of the diamond (the person's exterior).  Think about who they truly are.  Think about unforgettable moments you've shared in the past.  A sentimental gift will always trump one of meaningless worth.
At the end of the day, it really depends on the guy. However, most guys are fairly easy to shop for. Try to veer away from the mushy gifts and focus on something more practical.
Good Luck and have a great Valentine’s Day in advance
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