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Scooper Spirituality: Reconciliation: The Noblest Of Acts Of Worship


March. 01, 2019

There was an event that made our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) put off everything important including Salah (prayer). It was a matter of extreme importance and high priority; a matter which the sooner it was put to bed, the better. That matter was RECONCILING between the people.
It was narrated in Al-Bukhari that Prophet Muhammad(SAW)  became aware of  a dispute taking place between his companions in Qubaa’, a location that was considered outside the city of Madinah at that time.
He said to some of his companions: “Let’s go and reconcile between them. So he went on the mission of reconciliation. His return back to Madinah was delayed to the extent that the time of prayers has come and Bilal proposed to Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with them) to lead the prayers.
The Prophet (SAW) said: ”It is not permissible for a Muslim to forsake and abandon his brother for more than three days, each of them turning away when they meet. The better of them is the one who gives the greeting of salaam first.” [Al-Bukhari].
Disputes and disagreement appear to be basic aspects of life, they will happen between friends, family members, between parents and children and so on.
But the Prophet(SAW) said: “The gates of Paradise are not opened but on two days, Monday and Thursday. Forgiveness is granted to every slave who worships Allah and who does not associate anything with Allah except for a man who had between him and his brother enmity and hatred. It is said [about them]: “Leave these two [no forgiveness is granted unto them] until they reconcile, leave these two until they reconcile, leave these two until they reconcile.” [Muslim]
Thus, prolonged disputes is not only prohibited for the Muslims, it is clearly tied to Allaah’s favour upon them such that forgiveness from Him is stalled until those in a dispute  reconcile and move on.
Allah says: “And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the patient..” [8:46]
Prophet Muhammad was sent as a Mercy to all beings and he truly loved his Ummah (community) and would not want them to be abandoned from Allah’s forgiveness ; nor would he want the Ummah to be discouraged and weakened.
The greatest example of reconciliation was when Anas the son of Malik (RA) said: “As the Messenger of Allah was sitting we saw him smiling to the extent that much of his teeth were showing. 
Then Umar(RA) said to him: “What was it that brought you such a big smile? 
The Prophet (SAW) said: “Two men from my ummah were pleading in front of The All-Mighty Lord. One of them said: “Bring me my right from my brother” 
Then Allah said: “What will you do with your brother when he has no more good deeds [to give you for the wrong he has committed].”
The man [who was wronged] then said: “Then let him take from my sins.” At this point the Prophet’s eyes were filled with tears and then said: “Indeed that day [of judgment] is a great day. People are in need for their sins to be carried [by other than them].”
So Allah said to the one with the request: “Raise your gaze and look [to what is up there].” The man looked up and said: “O Lord! I see cities of gold and palaces built out of gold decorated with pearls [beauty that no human could ever imagine]. [O Lord] for which prophet is this or for which truthful is this or for which martyr is this!?” [Allah] said: “To the one who can afford it.”
 [The man] said: “And who can afford it?” [Allah] said: “You can afford it.” [The man] asked: “How?” [Allah] said: “By forgiving your brother.” [The man replied without any hesitation and] said: “O Lord! I forgive him!” Allah said: “Take the hand of your brother and enter him into Paradise.”
Then Prophet Muhammad said [afterwards]: “Be conscious of Allah! [Fear His punishment] and reconcile and make peace between yourselves. Indeed, Allah reconciles between the believers.”
With that said, how many people do you know who are in a dispute?
Can you promise to follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and show love to this ummah by doing your best to reconcile and bring peace between your brothers and sisters?
Do everything you can to reconcile, and if you exhaust all your resources and they are still in dispute then consider “lying” and making stuff up to bring peace between them!
As despised as lying is in Islam, it is loved when it comes to reconciling between people. And as much as truthfulness is loved in Islam, it is despised when it comes to causing hatred between people.
Prophet Muhammad said: “A liar is not one who tries to bring reconciliation amongst people and speaks good (in order to avert dispute), or he conveys good.” [Muslim]
The One who called us brothers and sisters is Allah! And He commanded us, the believers, to reconcile between our brothers and sisters and as a result Allah will shower His mercy upon all of us.
Allah says: “The believers are but brothers, so make peace between your brothers. And be mindful of Allah so you may be shown mercy.” [49:10]
It is understandable that there are certain cases where abandoning the person is not prohibited.
Ace scholar, Ibn Othaymeen (RA) explained: “The default status is that the abandoning of the believer to his brother is prohibited until something occurs which makes it permissible.”
Of the things that would make it permissible is if one feared the harm of the other person with regards to their faith and/or life.
 But let’s be real, how many of those in dispute are really abandoning one another due to such fear of harm from the other person?
To conclude, Prophet Muhammad said:“[Of] the greatest [forms] of charity is reconciling between people” [Saheeh At-Targhib].
Reconciliation is a lost concept amongst us today, in marriages, in places of worship, schools, work places, even among Muslim leaders themselves.
We owe it to one another as Muslims to encourage this act of goodness and bring peace among people. And similarly, extend it to others outside the fold of Islam.
May Allah make us keys to the doors of goodness and locks to the doors of evil.
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