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WHO WAS WRONG? My Husband Wanted To Force Me To Get An Office Quickie


March. 06, 2019

The story going round of a woman whose husband came to her office for a quickie and she declined has put Social Media on its head. 
According to the story, he tries to force her and she called for help and people came around to meet the man naked who then ended the marriage right there.
Many think it is the woman's fault. Others think otherwise.
Tchidi Chiemeziem says, "It is not about declining or turning the husband down, it's about how she did it. 
As a married woman, turning down your husband on sex is an art they must all learn. 
You can slap a husband, badmouth him, but the method you use to turn him on sex can hit him worse than the two combined, and worse.
The woman did not handle the matter as a human being. She messed up biggy... 
He adds, She could have calmed him by pampering him and making him promises of outlandish action back home. 
Pump into his head imaginations of hotter and better sex when they get home, kiss and playfully escort him out of the office. Is that too hard to do?
I am married, and I have found myself in that situation. 
The sex have taken place, but when the mood is not there, she handles the matter like a maester. I usually bounce out and prepare for the night action while the urge of the moment takes flight."
Hetty disagrees, "So I didn't come to the office to work it is to pamper baby that wants office sex and promise him fire at night. 
So just no is not OK for an adult because he is husband?"
Vayo Iphie O'kohlee says, "I still think she is a very foolish woman. She called security to come and get her husband out of the office, what is she expecting him at home for? 
This is one reason why people should endeavour to marry their kind.
You know you like sexperimenting, you went to marry an apprentice mother in Israel? She is a foolish woman. That has always been my stand"
However Vivian Iwuoha counters. She says, "The first question should be... How many Nigerians have their own personal office space? How many have office sex on the regular?
I'm all for quickies and sh*t. 
I'm all for elevator sex. Car sex. Plane sex. Cinema sex. But, it should be done at a mutually agreed time and place. 
Let the next person consent to it.
If your partner says no to your spontaneous sex, let their no be no. Don't force yourself on them. So, if she says no to anal sex, will he forcefully penetrate her anus?
Then, it's her workplace. Her place of paid employment. 
She said no. Go home. He tried to use force. Now, she's bad for calling for help?
No doesn't mean no when it's office sex abi?"
Emmanuel Ogbeche adds his voice. He says,  "I am so pissed to find people justifying the nonsense. Office sex is a no go area for some people. 
Both woke up from the same bed, only for him to appear. Why not send her an SOS and she runs home and you "do it?" My opinion remains bros was out to end marriage."
Uche Pete Obi has this to say, This 'Office Sex' thingy, will show you the true colour of some persons.
It surprises me that most of the persons debating on this are in support of the Man and not taking about 'CONSENT' and 'MOOD'.
Wait! What is Rape again?
Is Rape not when someone is not in the 'Mood' or doesn't give you the 'Consent' to, but yet you forcefully have sex with the said person?
Why then are most of you making it look like Rape means  - when someone forcefully have sex with someone that he/she is not married too?
BTW, What happened to Masturbation? He should have done that!"
Jane Ashiedu Chijuka says, " I feel he should at least know his wife,unless he was looking for reasons to leave the marriage.
Claryzbell Amaka says, "I don't see anything wrong with her husband coming to her office to have sex with her. She should have try to talk to him to get her in the mood first then she goes down with him. 
He's a good man to have rushed to her when he feels horny,but now she disgraced him,tomorrow now she will be the one to be screaming side chick on every social media platform,while she's the one that chased out a good man God gave her.
Tayo Lawson insists, "Working hours is different from leisure time so I see that as a very wrong decision"
Sally Kenneth Dadzie adds, "I love office sex sha. But the husband fucked up, trying to rape his wife. That's wrong
Chioma Nwakanma Eluu says, "She should have let him have his way knowing that he is serious about having quickies with her in her office and reach agreement with him that will not repeat itself again, just for peace to reign,shikin.a
Jimmy Emmanuel Bassey, "If marriage is this boring, I don't want it please. Imagine. Do you know why men want sex?... 
Do you know how turned on he was by some other lady, and then it was so much for the first time that he had to rush to his wife and for him to try to go really far by forcing her should send a message that this man needs to released.. 
Just getting into the bathroom and bending over the table for just 5 minutes would have solved the problem.
The woman, to me, I would think she's cheating on me with someone in the office. Its their business sha, cause I sure know I won't get married to a rigid woman that I need to toast all over again to fuck her. God forbid. 
After all this chastity. But when she was dating all that her high school boyfriend, she would even have sex in a Cinema, now with her husband she's forming responsible. If I was the man, I won't throw the ring to you, I would let you do the honours. God damn it you cheat on me.
Joy 'Bosslady' Ogbekene insists,  "Two wrongs don't make a right. Yes he was wrong to have barged into her face to ask for sex, but screaming for help to the extent that outsiders came and saw him naked??? 
Haba!! You have just disgraced your husband. Just prepare because that marriage might not withstand this o."
These opens yet conversations on Rape, Marital Rape, Sexual Discipline etc. 
Is it that when someone is married you cannot say no to sex? 
And it is better to endure unwanted sex than disgrace your 'loving' husband by calling for help?
Who was wrong?
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