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COTU boss says Rashid Echesa was fired because of alleged involvement in drug business
Asher Omondi|March. 08, 2019
- Atwoli claimed Echesa was fired from Sports docket because he is in drug business
- The trade union boss alleged the youthful leader is also involved in money laundering
- It is understood Atwoli was getting back at Echesa for calling him disgrace to Mulembe nation
- The former Sports CS was recently implicated in human trafficking and money laundering allegations
The Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has sensationally claimed the former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa was allegedly sacked because of his alleged involvement in money laundering.
In an explosive tweet, the trade union's boss cast aspersion on the youthful politician's integrity claiming he is a thug who engages in corruption, drug and prostitution business and therefore he is unfit to hold any public office.
"Atwoli is still the secretary general of COTU, a member ILO governing body and a trusted leader who has earned respect among Luhyas for his efforts to unite and develop the region. Contrary, you were fired because of wash wash, prostitution, corruption, drugs you are a thug," tweeted COTU.
The hard-hitting rebuttal came after Echesa described Atwoli as a big disgrace to the Luhya community arguing the COTU secretary general had initiated no single project to warrant his chest-thumping.
Atwoli had on Wednesday, March 6, said Luhya politicians are "unprincipled beggars" who wait for every weekend to queue in praise of their paymasters.
In particular, the trade unionist hit out at a section of Luhya leaders fond of attending meetings at home of Deputy President William Ruto.
Not long ago, seven individuals were arrested and arraigned for conning Nairobi businessman Nashud Merali while impersonating President Uhuru Kenyatta on phone, later it emerged they had links with Echesa.
Over and above this, the former ODM youth leader was implicated in a suspected human trafficking case in which eight Pakistani girls were arrested at a Nairobi club.
He allegedly authorised their stay in Kenya where they entertained revelers in night clubs as strip dancers.
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