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Army reacts to alleged military interference in election
Rahaman Abiola|March. 10, 2019
- Nigerian Army has reacted to the allegation that was involved in the various killings that occur during election
- In a statement, the force said impersonators and political thugs were using its uniform to perpetrate evil
- The force, however, warned members of the public to desist from being used for violence by desperate politicians
The Nigerian Army has refuted the allegation that it was its men perpetrating series of killings during the ongoing governorship and House of Assembly election across the country.
In a statement released by the force in a counter reaction to the reports of its alleged politicization, the Nigerian Army acting director of pubic relation Colonel Sagir Musa, said the growing insinuation that the force was responsible for killing during polls was not true.
The military force added that it was being impersonated by political thugs dressed in its uniform and armed with weapons used by its men.
The force said the inability of the members of the public to differentiate between genuine army officer and impersonating political hoodlums led to the allegation that it was involved in the killing, adding it has embarked on measure to curb the nuisance.
Part statement read: ''Credible intelligence available to the Nigerian Army (NA) has confirmed the kitting of political thugs with military uniforms and arming of same, to impersonate soldiers and perpetrate various crimes in the furtherance of the activities of their political bosses.
''Sadly, these thugs have severally been wrongly viewed and addressed as real military personnel on various social and mainstream media channels including blogs, chat rooms and messaging platforms thereby bringing the reputation of the NA on several occasions to disrepute.
The NA understands that most civilians caught in the callous onslaught of these murderous thugs might not be able to distinguish between a genuine soldier from an impersonator, especially when they are armed with military-type weapons.
However, several of such arrested impostors have given useful information that has led to unravelling the level of criminal involvement of some politicians in arming thugs for their depraved selfish gains. Consequently, the NA would continue with the line of investigations being pursued to bring to successful prosecution, both the arrested impostors and their sponsors.''
The force, however, warned members of the public against being used by desperate politicians to wreck havoc on people, adding that “nobody’s selfish ambition is worth the life of an innocent Nigerian citizen”
It said: ''In the interim, the NA would continue to advice well-meaning citizens to avoid been used as tools in the hands of such wicked politicians who would go to any immoral length, including meeting out violence, to steal the mandate of the people.
Additionally, the NA would continue to use every opportunity available to remined Nigerians of its apolitical, neutral and non-partisan stance. The NA would continue to execute its constitutional responsibilities of providing aid to civil authorities in order to create a safe and secure environment where real democratic processes would thrive.
To this end, the NA would gladly welcome any information from the public about known or suspected impostors/armed thugs being used to perpetrate violence in the society, for the furtherance of the wicked ambitions of any criminal individual. Please be assured that every such information would be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.''
See statement as posted on the Facebook page of the force:
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The presence of men in Nigerian Army uniform was felt in Okirika local government area of Rivers state as at least one person was reportedly killed by the unknown men in military uniform, who also arrested the five guests of the monarch.
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