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Dramatic footage shows aftermath of turbulence that injured 30 people on flight from Istanbul to New York
JC News|March. 10, 2019
New footage has shown the aftermath of severe turbulence on a flight from Istanbul to New York that injured 30 people, including one who suffered a broken leg.
The plane touched down at John F Kennedy International airport at 5.35pm local time on Saturday where dozens of ambulances were lined up to treat the injured.
A flight attendant had a broken leg and 29 other passengers and crew suffered bumps, cuts and bruises.
The Turkish Airlines Flight 1 flew into turbulence about 45 minutes before landing at JFK after a 10-hour trip from Istanbul.
Passenger Sead Nikaj told ABC News no one had warned them the turbulence was coming.
"Nobody announced it or anything like that so we figured out something was wrong," he said.
"Then I see people start flying on the plane. Then seeing blood all over. I had one of the ladies next to me, she really fell down from her seat on the floor and all her back was completely bloody, while someone that was working in the airplane, she cracked her leg I think completely."
Passenger Amir Mehrbakhsh told the network he saw one man frantically screaming.
"I think he was like doing a religious chant. I kept hearing him say 'Jesus,' like he was visibly distraught," he said.
"There was like one or two seconds when (the turbulence) was subtle, but then it really started to pick up," Mr Mehrbakhsh said.
He added: “Just because the drop was so sudden, a lot of people got lifted up and hit their head either on the ceiling or on the side of the plane, and so there were a lot of injuries pretty quickly.”
The crew declared an emergency while the Boeing 777 was still in the air, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
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The US National Weather Service had issued advisories on Saturday warning pilots of expected turbulence.
Turkish Airlines officials issued a statement confirming the flight "encountered an unusual turbulence about 40 minutes before landing" in New York
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