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How to create a Facebook account
Pauline Taji|March. 11, 2019
Facebook is one of the most common social media sites of our time. It practically paved the way for all the other social media sites that we have today. Of course, we did have other social media sites before, but when it came, everything practically changed. Everybody was asking for each other’s Facebook name. Terms related to it became a regular thing. “I sent you a friend request the other day; I poked you yesterday; I sent you a message” and others alike were and are still widely used. For one to engage in all this, they just need to create a Facebook account.
This social media site is among one of the many things that are changing the world as big as it may seem into a small village. People from Kenya can connect with people from the United States of America, from England, from all parts of the world just from their phones or computers. The question that now comes in mind is, how can I create a Facebook account? Can I have more than one account? How can I create a fake profile and the likes?
How to create a Facebook account
The process for creating a Facebook profile is straightforward. The process is as follows:
1. Go to their official site by typing www.facebook.com in your browser in the URL section.
2. This will take you to their website, where the first option will be to log in and the second option will be to create a new account. You will obviously go to for the second option as for the log in option is for people with profiles.
3. What follows is to fill the online form that is there. The online form basically just asks about some of your personal information. It will ask for your first name, your surname, your email address or your phone number, a confirmation of either your phone number or email address depending on what you entered prior, a new password, your birthday and your gender.
4. After filling all this information, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address for you to confirm and once you do this, you will be verified and just like that you have created yourself a user profile.
5. You will be taken to your blank timeline since you don’t have friends yet. You can go adding people you know or might want to know as your friends.
6. As of now, your profile is very dull. You can customize it by adding your profile picture, updating information on things like your hobbies, likes, dislikes, place of work or place of study if you are still a student and the likes. You can do this by clicking where your name is appearing on the top of the page, and it will take you to your profile where you can update all that you need to.
Can I have more than two Facebook accounts?
One can have as many accounts as they want. The problem is that each profile requires a different email. This is to say when you are creating a second account, do not use the same email address you used for your first one.
How do I create a fake Facebook account?
This is as easy as telling a person a name that is not yours. For the profile to be fake, it only needs to lack your actual details. This all starts from the name, don’t put your real name just put a name that is believable. The second thing of which I don’t think I need to tell you is, don’t put a picture of yourself. With that said, go ahead and create your fake profile and use it for whatever devious plans you have in mind.
The process of how to create a Facebook account is as easy as shown above. Do you have an existing timeline? If not, what are you waiting for? Create yourself one and enjoy all the fun that come with having one.
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