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Brexit: Theresa May's deal fails again 16 days to UK's exit
Joseph Omotayo|March. 13, 2019
- Theresa May's Brexit deal has been voted against by the British lawmakers for the second time
- The rejection came few weeks to the time the UK is expected to the leave the European Union
- The UK is likely to leave the union without an agreement or ask for that their exit be delayed
Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been rejected by British lawmakers the second time again in many months on Tuesday, March 12.
The rejection came 16 days before the United Kingdom is expected to leave the EU, NBC News reports.
The Brexit deal was rejected by 391 lawmakers as against 242 who supported the deal, a rejection which was similar to the first one the British prime minister got.
NBC News recalled that the prime minister met greatest defeat on Tuesday, January 15 when even members of her party voted her deal to leave the deal. Out of the 634 parliamentarians, only 202 members supported her.
On Tuesday, March 12, the minister showed the grave consequences that await the rejection of the deal, saying Brexit could be lost forever.
She said: “If this vote is not passed tonight, if this deal is not passed, then Brexit could be lost.”
The prime minister had said that if the deal failed again, the lawmaker could vote on what to do next concerning the exit of the UK from the union.
As it stand now, the UK will be making a decision whether to leave the union without an agreement or ask the bloc to postpone the expected day of exit from Friday, March 29.
It should be recalled that May has been on the deal negotiation for almost two years since the referendum to leave the EU.
The central concern for most lawmakers in the parliament is an insurance policy created to leave the border between Northern Ireland, a part of UK, and the Republic of Ireland which will remain part of the EU after the exit.
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The Brexit deal, according to BBC, was rejected by 230 votes the largest defeat for a sitting government in history.
The deal which sets out the terms of Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) on March, 29, was rejected by the MPs with a margin of 432 votes to 202.
Subsequently, a vote of no confidence in the government, which could lead to a general election, was tabled by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
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