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Facebook outage affected people whose activities depend on the social networking site
JC News|March. 14, 2019
By Ria Fernandez
The sudden outage of Facebook has affected several people whose daily activities greatly depend on the social networking site.
In Intramuros, Manila, travel agent Marilou Zuniga said they experienced difficulty in communicating with their potential clients as Facebook became inaccessible.
It also took them hours before they received advisories about trip schedules, she added.
Marilou Zuniga, a travel agent, checks on the unread messages sent by potential clients to their Messenger. (RIA FERNANDEZ / MANILA BULLETIN)
“There was a time when we received the posted information late. The customers were the first to know about trip cancellations instead of us. When I opened Facebook, I refreshed it several times before the post appeared,” she said.
Meanwhile, Klaire Alcantara, a freshman college student, almost missed the deadline for submission of their group project because of the glitch.
“All of our files to be printed were on Facebook then suddenly the site crashed without notice. It was hard to imagine how we can retrieve the files,” she said.
Last night, Facebook users in several countries, including the Philippines, were unable to load their accounts.
They were greeted with an apologetic message from the site telling them that “something went wrong.”
But such case was not isolated on Facebook since even its sister applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp went offline as well.
“This is the worst interruption on Facebook as it lasted for 10 hours in the Philippines and more than 10 hours in other countries,” said Art Samaniego, technology editor of the Manila Bulletin.
On its Twitter post, Facebook said it is already working to resolve the issue.
It also crossed out the Distributed Denial-of-Service or DDoS as among the causes of the problem.
Services of Facebook and Instagram went back on track before noon Thursday.
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