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Gov Shettima not owing salaries, pensions, gratuities - Borno NLC chairman
Aanu Adegun|March. 14, 2019
- The NLC chairman in Borno state has denied that he said salaries, pensions and gratuities are not being paid by Governor Shettima
- Abana accused the journalist who interviewed him of changing the context of the interview completely
- According to the NLC chairman, the governor deserves commendation because he has consistently paid workers’ salaries
The Nigerian Labour Congress in Borno state has denied reports credited to it that salaries, pensions and gratuities are not being paid by Governor Kashim Shettima.
Comrade Titus Abana, NLC chairman in the state who disclosed this on Thursday, March 14 said that he was furious with a journalist who after interviewing him, completely changed the context of the interview for his own motive, Daily Trust reports.
“I was shocked when I saw the report changing the entire context of my interview with the reporter. I have called him and asked him to come but he didn’t come. He completely changed the context of our interview.
“For instance, I told him that from 2011 to date, salaries of workers in Borno State have been consistently paid by Governor Kashim Shettima to the tune of over 2 billion naira despite the Boko Haram crisis.
“The journalist deliberately ignored that aspect. I also told him that the Governor has been consistent on payment of pensions except for instances of some pensioners affected by the verification exercise. That also, the journalist ignored."
According to him, the journalist was only interested i the part where he said the state has a backlog of N20 billion as arrears of gratuities which accumulated over many years. He said he also told the journalist that payment of the gratuities was stopped in 2013.
He said he the reporter deliberately ignored the part where he said Governor Shettima has been releasing N150 million every month for gratuities and that is already reducing the backlog.
“I also told the journalist that the Governor on his own promised to ensure that the entire N20b backlog was cleared before he leaves office, we are sure he will do that and we also call on him to remain consistent.
“The journalist for whatever motive changed the entire context and wrote all sort of things that I never said. If it is true Governor Shettima has not being paying salaries, pensions and gratuities, will the workers just fold their hands?
"We would definitely have led workers to industrial actions,” Abana said, stressing that, “The workers themselves would not have left us.
“That news written by the journalist is unfair to Governor Kashim Shettima given how the Governor has been so committed to paying salaries and pensions and also reducing arrears of gratuities. The report is unfortunate,” Abana said.
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