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75-year-old woman battles high blood pressure after being defrauded of N4.8 million
Taiwo Owolawi|March. 25, 2019
- A young lady has taken to social media to lament after her mother lost N4.8 million through her bank
- According to the lady, her 75-year-old mother does not own an ATM and only uses mobile banking
- The huge loss has now affected the aged woman who now suffers from high blood pressure
Fraud is a common issue in Nigeria that many people hope not to fall a victim of. Some people keep their money in the bank hoping that it would be kept safe but that appears not to be the case anymore.
A young Nigerian lady identified on Twitter as @Carnayour has taken to the microblogging site to call out her mother’s bank after she was defrauded of N4.8 million.
According to Carnayour her 75-year-old mother lost the huge sum of money through her bank. She added that her mom was only registered on mobile banking and does not own an ATM card. Also she explained that her mother did not get any call from anybody requesting for her pin or one time password (OTP).
The case was reported to the bank and Carnayour revealed that the manager as well as the customer service personnel seemed surprised at how the money could have gone missing. The theft has also reportedly affected the aged woman so much that she now struggles with high blood pressure.
In a subsequent tweet, the young lady wondered how a customer can lose so much money from a bank and how a person’s details can be expose for such an amount to move undetected.
Nawa o.
The young lady shared screenshots from her chat with the scammer as proof of the unfortunate incident.
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