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Scooper Career Tips: Speaking Hacks; To Help You Sound Smarter At Work


April. 01, 2019

Work activities like presentations, sending emails and contributing to group conversations, require an adept knowledge of words, ethics and phrases.
It is important to have them because, people who are charismatic and outspoken, are given more credit than people who lack these skills.
If you're usually passed up for promotions or don't get invited for office gathering, then you are lacking in them. 
So, before you lose another opportunity or quit that job because "Not all of us are good speakers".
These are the simple speaking hacks you can use to navigate conversations with: co-workers, your boss and clients without sounding stupid or inconfident.
Are You Ready?
Memorise a fact
Before you head to an office party, or go to join a conversation memorise a little-known fact which you can just drop into the conversation.
The authenticity of this fact, makes people view you as intelligent.
Front Of Mind
Use Front of Mind, to indicate an important action, you want your co-workers to take. E.g; all workers should clock in at 9:30 am, front of mind.
Heart For
Use this word to show which one you prefer, out of two options. "I like this blue banner, but I have a heart for the red and gold one".
When you have a detailed and comprehensive conversation with someone, you could say " I had a robust conversation with her a few days ago".
"I'd Love Your Feedback/ I'd Love To Get Feedback From The Group"
Using this phrase, shows that you're confident of your capabilities, but you also value your co-workers' input.
"Let Me Take A Step Back"
When you feel flustered or nervous, say "Let me take a step back" to show your listner/listners, that you need to gather your thoughts.
Let Out Clutch Words
Don't use words like "er or erm" why speaking.
"What Are Our Priorities?"
Use this phrase, whenever you want to inquire which tasks or assignments you need to prioritise first.
Use Questions to Answer Questions
When you're asked a question you don't understand, don't answer immediately. Instead ask the person another question to clarify your doubts. "Could you be more specific?"
Always Ask Smart Questions
There is something as a stupid question. If you must ask questions, ask smart and insightful ones.
Use this Speaking hacks, to take the lead in the next group conversation.
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