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Where Is The 4-Leaf Clover?

Ken Okumu

April. 15, 2019

Can you spot the four-leaf clover in this tricky puzzle?
A clover leaf with four lobes is thought to bring good luck.
Calling all hay fever sufferers: With pollen counts continuing to soar this week, can you spot the single four-leaf clover hidden amongst a field of pollen-producing flowers?
‘With any luck, this puzzle will prove to be a distraction from your runny nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat,’ says Greg Tatton Brown from Casumo.com, which came up with the puzzle. ‘Statistically a four-leaf clover appears in nature for every 10,000 of its three-leafed brethren, so your chances of spotting our single quad-clover are significantly increased here.
‘Each leaf of the clover is actually assigned a specific symbolic meaning, with the first symbolising hope, the second – faith, the third – love, and the crucial forth – luck.’
Can you spot it? Take a look at the brain teaser below:
*Only scroll down if you want to find out the answer*
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