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Nairobi man narrates chilling encounter with alleged rogue Flying Squad officers
Linda Shiundu|April. 12, 2019
A Nairobi man is in shock after a scary experience in the hands of rogue Flying Squad officers who mishandled him in Nairobi's CBD while trying to extort a bribe from him.
The man identified as Joe Muburi was arrested on the night of Wednesday, April 10, along Latema Road where he had gone to have a cup of tea while waiting for traffic to ease up.
Muburi narrated his ordeal in a series of tweets where he explained he was handcuffed by four officers at around 10pm who then accused him of being a suspect in drug dealing.
"After seeing the IDs, I obliged and they put the handcuffs on both of my wrists. They then started handling me in a very intimidating manner saying that they suspect I am a drug peddler around river road," he said.
The officers then took him through various streets within CBD while inquiring how much money he was willing to part with in exchange for his freedom and deliberating on which station to take him.
"They took me round town through Accra Road, Tsavo Road, Latema Road. Back to River Road and then to Khoja Mosque stage. By now they were inquiring how much money I was willing to part with to secure my freedom," he recounted eerie.
"They were deliberating among themselves whether to take me to central or to hand me over to kanjo. I requested that I make a call to my girl friend to at least notify her that I have been arrested," he added.
His request however made the officers more agitated prompting them to threaten Muburi that they would charge him with all manner of charges.
On seeing his life was in danger as the officers continued taking him through more insecure streets, he obliged and parted with KSh 4000 which secured his release.
"For those who know the area, it is isolated and dark. I resisted but they were now starting to get agitated. I was adamant that I will not give a bribe but now I was beginning to feel completely unsafe," he said.
"I was getting really shaken the more we approached the dark stretch. I was now convinced that I was dealing with criminals element. I yielded and had to part with a bribe of KSh 4,000 shillings to secure my freedom," he added.
He then inquired from security guards manning buildings if they know the officers only to be told they were Flying Squad from Central Police Station known for harassing innocent people at night.
His case was immediately picked up by the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) who dismissed having Flying Squad officers at Central Station and asked him to lodge an official complaint so investigations could start.
"Good morning Muburi. We received your complaint and advise you to kindly make a formal complaint at IAU or DCI Headquarters for appropriate action to be taken. Meanwhile, be informed that we do not have FlyingSquad officers at Central Police. Thank you," said the DCI.
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