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13 Places In Lagos That Have Become A Traffic Hell


April. 20, 2019

The traffic in Lagos is now a thing of national interest.
We have had many people relocate or  sleep in their respective offices for the week to return home at the weekend all because of the traffic on Lagos roads
The large number of people who work on the Island and live on the mainland is one major reason for this terrible traffic. 
The fact that people can spend several hours in this traffic mean they’ve had to learn to leave their homes as early as 4am or 5am in order to meet up with their very early resumption time
Other reasons range from bad road to inadequate linkages to influx of trailers to bad driving.
Especially when it rains, potholes riddled roads become unmotorable.
In other cases, tanker drivers decide to park their tankers on the bridge instead of their designated park.
In fact, sometimes the reason is nothing. Yea. Many times you get to the front of a 3 hour traffic jam and realize, NOTHING happened.
However, due to the high population in Lagos,  more and more areas are becoming traffic prone.
Take a look at our list.
Oke Afa
Mushin Road
Egbe Road
Apapa Road
3rd Mainland Bridge
Okota Road
Lekki Road
Ikorodu Road
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