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Awoof Don Run Belle, Baba Ran Away With My N300,000 | What Do I Do ?


May. 15, 2019

My brother and sisters, see me see trouble oo
A week ago, my father sent N500,000 to pay my rent and school fee. 
The day I went to withdraw half of the money to pay my house rent, a friend of mine came up to me and told me he had found something that would double my money. 
I told him I knew what he was talking about, everybody was doing it so obviously I knew about it. He said that wasn't it, he told me that all those pyramid schemes were scams and I shouldn't trust them. 
He said he knew of a baba that could double my money in the blink of an eye without the need for blood or anything dire. 
I was shocked at the same time skeptical, who is the baba that can double the money? so I told him to take me there. 
The day after we went there and the baba told me the same thing that all I had to do was drop like N100,000 and come back the next day. It looked real and I was out of my mind with excitement, so I dropped the money and went home.
Then next week, my friend said it was time for us to go back there and see the baba. The thing is through the week I had been hoping my money won't have disappeared. 
When we got there, Lo and behold, the baba was there with our doubled money. I was lost for words, so I just picked up my share and listen while my friend was talking to the baba. 
My friend asked me now that I could see that it was real, would I consider coming back? 
I didn't have to be asked twice, of course, I would come back. There was someone that could double my money, I didn't have to ask my father for money any longer. 
The next week my friend and I went to meet the baba again with N300,000 this time. I dropped the money for the baba and anticipated the N600,000 that I would carry home next week. 
During the week I talked to my friend about how I couldn't wait, although this going to be the last time I did it. I had no plans of testing faith.
It was payday, I called my friend but he didn't pick his phone. 
I tried his second number, it was the same reply. I went as far as calling his siblings and other friends to ask about him but they said they hadn't heard from him since the week before.  
I went to the baba's house on my own thinking maybe he was there already when I got there everywhere was cleaned out. It looked as if that place had been not inhabited for years which was funny considering I was there the week before. 
I called my friend again nothing,I even called the baba, it was the same dead end. 
People I don dey run mad, where were they? why were they not picking up my call? 
Then It dawned on me, that I had just been scammed but I could not wrap my head around my friend doing that to me. 
It didn't make sense to me at all, the guy was too loyal and good to do such a despicable thing.
Is it possible my friend had scammed me? 
What do I tell my parents now that I once again have no money? 
Please advise me what do I do? 
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