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My Baby's Life Is In DANGER Because Of My Useless Husband


May. 22, 2019

A year after I got married, I became pregnant, just as we had planned. A few months in, I started getting sick much more than morning sickness sef. I was always sick and they would give me drugs but I honestly felt like I wasn't getting better. When it got worse, I went for another hospital visit and the doctor told me that It is expected because of the baby's genotype.
GENOTYPE??? I was confused, what did he mean by the baby's genotype... In my mind, I thought the baby would be AA since my husband was AA and I was AS. "I don't understand what you are saying" I told the doctor. He said my baby was SS, in my mind I was like SS bi ti bawo where did the SS come from. 
I didn't understand what was happening, my first thought was that maybe it was my village people. Abi should i call Prophet?  I had never actually seen a test result telling me that my husband was AA. I called my husband to inform him that the doctor asked us to come for blood tests tomorrow.
The next day, after the test, I told the doctor to send me the test personally. When the results came in I was AS and to my surprise, he was SS!!! 
I think I am running mad, I am so angry I can't even look at him.
He tricked me! And now the life of my baby is in danger.
I want to leave this marriage, I am not thinking straight.
 Please, what do I do?
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