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Lady Finds Missing Nokia 3310 'Palasa' 13 Years Later And The Battery Bar Is Still intact


May. 27, 2019

Remember the famous Nokia 3310? A Nigerian man on twitter wrote that a Nokia 3310 phone his sister misplaced in 2006 was found recently, 13 years later and it’s battery is still in good working condition!
In his narration, the man stated that the phone was found last December when his sister traveled back home and surprisingly, it had one batter bar left.
He wrote:
My sister misplaced this phone back then in 2006, travelled for xmas last year only to find it in a corner in her room. Funny part is the phone was still on with one bar left.
The old Nokia 3310 was the phone to have back in the days as most people would prefer it over other brands because of the strong battery life.
The phone could go days, even weeks without charging and still function optimally.
Although there is a newer version of the phone, but most phone fanatics would still prefer to have a feel of the older version.
Did you ever own the Nokia 3310?
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