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Video: Ashongman bad roads through eyes of 15-year-old resident
Abiba|May. 28, 2019
A good number of roads are in a deplorable state in Accra, often in the rainy season. But for the people of Pure water, an area at Ashongman in the Ga East Municipality, whether rain or shine, enduring the sickening and distressing effects of the poor state of roads is an all-year affair.
Currently, some residents have given up on any government intervention due to fruitless attempts in the past to rehabilitate the deteriorating roads.
Fifteen-year-old Mavis Mavthenaldo is one of such residents. She says the state of the road is simply, terrible. Here is a description of the road captured by her.
Watch more in the video below:
(source:pocket-novels,please contact us if any infringement)
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