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Eish! The 4 Most Horrible Methods To Dump Someone
Cynthia|Jun. 02, 2019
1. Over the phone
Doesn’t seem that bad, but it is, especially is its a serious relationship. 
Think of it this way: have you ordered chicken over the phone recently? Yeah? Then why would you treat someone you care about just as casually. It can come across as cruel
2. Over text or What’s App
How horrible of a person can someone be? Pretty damn bad. This is something that I’ve heard of happening pretty frequently. Imagine that, breaking up with someone who thinks you love them on the same platform that you send weird emojis of eagles, eggplants, tomatoes, a beer and a man wearing a monocle (in that order, of course). Nobody deserves that.
3. Via Facebook relationship status
Is this really possible? With all apologies, yep, I’ve heard of it happening quite a bit. One day you’re flying, a lifetime of happiness, sexual excellence and the emotional depth of a well thought out birthday card ahead of you. The next, you see the dreaded ‘single’ or ‘it’s complicated’ changed on a public wall for all of the world (and your ever prying aunts to witness). This is not something you’d ever want done to you, so best not to lay such heaviness on a soon-to-be ex-partner’s head either.
4. From a second hand source
This is truly the stuff of destitute nightmares, as you pick up wine for date night, you run into Jane, who asks how you’re holding up. Low and behold, you’ve been dumped but the guy didn’t even have the balls to give you a heads up about it. Don’t do this, there is surely a circle in hell for it.
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