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4 Ways To Get Your Flirting Game From Meh To Amazing
Cynthia|Jun. 03, 2019
1.Dont come on too strong
You’ve seen this behaviour everywhere. Outrageous dancing and forced loud laughing. 
This will just land you in the cringe section. Whatever you do keep all the outrageous behaviour to yourself.
Protip: Just get up and dance in his line of sight. We promise this is enough to get his attention, If he doesn’t notice you then he needs to get his eyes checked.
2.Flirt with your eyes
We call this the 5 second flirt. It’s basically finding a guy you have an attraction to, whether it’s at a bar or a party, and holding that gaze, and If he doesn’t come over, he’s either taken, involved with somebody else, in a relationship or married. Or he could be hitting for the other team. Stay woke sis.
Protip: Remember to blink when you stare at your dream guy. Only psycopaths dont blink sis.
3. Be yourself
Whatever you do, don’t turn into someone that even your own girlfriends don’t recognise.Be confident in who you are. Don’t dumb yourself down by giggling at everything he says or asking questions you already know the answers to.
Protip: Think about how you would feel if someone was to lie about who they were and then you find out that he isn’t who he says he is. Don’t be this person.
4. Designate a wing woman
If you’re out with girlfriends and are tooo shy  to approach a guy who’s caught your interest, ask a friend to step in. These what girlfriends are for after all.
Protip: As a group, come up with a debatable question that only a male can answer . Then send one of the girls over—ideally, your married or unavailable friend—to say, My single friends have a question…that only a group of men can settle.
Flirting is not rocket science folks. Anyone with half a will can do it, so get your girlfriends, dress up, go out and apply as prescribed. Good luck.
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