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Baba Suwe Returns To Nigeria After Receiving Treatment Abroad


Jun. 03, 2019

Weeks after traveling abroad for treatment, Baba Suwe is back to Nigeria.
The popular actor returned to the country a few days and was seen in the company of his brother Adeboyega and his son Shola when they paid a visit to a certain Rev Esther Ajayi. 
Rumour has it that Rev Esther gave Baba Suwe about 10 million naira to cover his medical bills when he was traveling abroad for treatment. 
Baba Suwe had initially denied the stories about him being sick but later opened up and solicited for funds from the public. 
It is not yet certain if his treatment abroad was successful but it is safe to assume so as we can see him in the pictures above looking a bit livelier that when he was flown out of the country in a wheelchair. 
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