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5 Ways To Deal With Loneliness After A Breakup


Jun. 05, 2019

1. Have some noise around you
I don’t mean people making noise around you but get a radio and just make sure you always have some background noise because you get psych to do things and you don’t feel too lonenly.
2. Meet people of value
I mean don’t just waste your time on people who will tell you to drink yourself silly or do drugs. Get people who will invite you to meaningful events, who will encourage you and who will genuinely care about you.
3. Get a hobby and learn to enjoy them by yourself
I can understand that when you were in a relationship you were used to having someone to do everything with. Now that you’re alone you should take this time to discover yourself, know what you love whether it’s reading, listening to music or writing, enjoy them by yourself.
4. Don’t indulge in drugs
Honestly, drugs may make you feel good in the short term but in the long run you may become dependent on something that will ruin your life. Get rid of friends who will offer drugs as a solution to filling your void.
5. Make more money
Pesa ni sabuni ya roho which basically means that money will heal thy heart. Yes, money is not everything but there is a certain level of stability it brings you that will just make you happier. Invest in yourself, find ways to make more money, stop chasing boys for a minute and find yourself.
Loneliness is normal, we have all felt it and it can be confused for depression or sadness. But it is just a stage of life and trust me when you learn to take comfort is yourself you will be much happier.
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