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BGT winner Colin meets fans at the supermarket
Wyckline|Jun. 10, 2019
He brought the nation to tears with his moving rendition of Love Changes Everything, in memory of his late wife Joan in the Britain's Got Talent grande finale.
And BGT winner Colin Thackery seemed to be enjoying his new-found fame as he was greeted by fans while out shopping for food in Chelsea on Sunday.
Despite winning a whopping £250,000 in the competition, the war hero, 89, showed off his frugal side as he hopped on a bus back to his retirement home at the Royal Hospital Chelsea after a trip to Marks & Spencer.
Lugging a trolley, Colin was immaculately dressed in a dark black uniform and military cap.
The talented singer attracted a crowd of excited fans as headed into M&S for his weekly food shop.
During his outing, Colin delightedly stopped to talk and pose for photos with devoted Britain's Got Talent viewers.
Colin's outing comes after he revealed how he plans to spend his £250,000 prize money on the Royal Hospital Chelsea and on his grandchildren.
The pensioner, who served in the military for 25 years, lives in the Royal Hospital Chelsea as one of some 300 veterans of the British army.
Colin plans on using his cash prize to help his grandchildren get on the property ladder. 'Well first of all, the hospital. We’re a charity and we’ve got a new centre we’re wanting to build.' he said on This Morning earlier this week.
'I’d love to think I set the whole thing off. I’ve got family. Grandchildren wanting to get on the property ladder and that sort of thing.'
Asked what was going through his mind when he was announced as the winner, Colin admitted he couldn't believe it.
He said: 'Astonished really. My ambition was to be on the telly once, dressed like this. But it’s gone on and on.'
Colin recalled what motivated him to enter Britain's Got Talent, explaining it came about after a challenge from a man at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
He said: 'It was a bit of a challenge. We have a tradition every month at the hospital. The last Friday of the month, curry is served.
'A friend of mine used to sing for about an hour afterwards. Coming off the stage, one chap came to me and said: "Isn’t it about time you did what you say you’re going to do? You said when you get older, if you don’t use singing, you’ll lose it."
'He said: "Go on BGT and I said oh that’s silly." He said: "I’ll challenge you to do it." I downloaded the form and sent it in and then got the acknowledgement back and they said you’re in.'
Colin had sailed through to the final after wowing audiences a the auditions singing 'We'll Meet Again' in a tribute to his late wife Joan, who he married in 1950 before being sent to fight in the Korean War.
The Chelsea Pensioner served in the 45th regiment of the Royal Artillery, the Queen's Army, and was one of the 100,000 British troops sent to the Korean peninsula.
On the battlefield, his hearing was permanently damaged by artillery fire and he suffered frostbite in one leg, but it was in the army where his musical talents blossomed and where he performed in a band.
Speaking after he was crowned this year's champion l, he said: 'I am stuck for words for a change. Thank you very much, all of you, all the backing I've had.'
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