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4 Ways To Turn On Your Man Without Talking


Jun. 24, 2019

1.Flirty glances
Give him smiles from across the room and “playing with eye contact” are great ways to turn someone on. 
Act like you guys are meeting for the first time and check him out all you want  . It’s a classic for a reason.
2.Smoldering eye contact
When you’re ready to take that eye contact up a notch, sustain eye contact for a more intense feeling. You know the look. Tell them exactly what you want with your eyes and add a little lip bite for extra oomph.
3.Lick your lips
Don’t lick your lips like you’re trying to get ice cream off of the tip of your nose, but a little tongue action can definitely be hot. Just remember: You’re trying to be suggestive, not fully demonstrate exactly what you propose to do.
4.Get handsy
If they’re a bit on the kinky side (and they’re into it), , grab or smack his  ass, if you’re both adventurous, there’s nothing wrong with taking your touching from flirty to downright raunchy. Don’t be afraid to let your hands roam
So there you have it: 4 ways to turn your man  on, without ever touching him. Give one a try the next time trying to get someone as worked up as you are.
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