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LMAO! The $50 Typo That Everybody In Australia Is Talking About
Arinola|July. 23, 2019
This may be the most printed typo in the world but nobody noticed the mistakes in the $50 note until two years later when 480million were printed and dispensed.
This hilarious discovery was discovered by an anonymous member of the public.  
"So is this meant to be a new security feature that is not mentioned on your webpage about the new $50 note – or did someone not check the spelling of 'responsibility' before sending these to print?" the eagle-eyed pedant inquired by email.
"It is spelled wrong all the way thru [sic] microprint!"
The word responsibility was spelled as 'responsibilty' in 480 million $50 notes in Australia. This mistake was made three times on the note. 46 million of the 480 has been dispensed into the public while the remaining have been locked in storage. 
RBA manager Luke Porter had also been trying to lift broken spirits, comforting someone who was "in a bad way".
"I told [redacted] the Bank is OK and don't stress too much – no one died. [Note Printing Australia] having a bit of a panic," Mr Porter said in the email.
"I’m just happy my initial email to NPA had the correct spelling!!!!"
It was revealed that the typo had been accidentally added when Cowan's quote was "manually retyped" into the graphics software.
"The graphical software package used by [Note Printing Australia] has no copy-paste mechanism and no spelling or grammar check. The text was manually typed in and misspelt at this point," according to a report into the error from the printing agency, dated January 11 this year
Although the note was inspected by the printers, Banknote Projects and Banknote Quality. 
Here is how it all went wrong: "Because the human brain speed reads, according to Note Printing Australia's report, marked "confidential".
"The principle of isolated word recognition, which is the reading of words without the need to identify every letter, is used unconsciously by the human brain to speed up the process of reading words and gaining meaning from them. A well known example of this effect is the ease with which words can still be read when their central letters are jumbled, for example: Yuo cna porbalby raed tihs esaliy desptie teh msispeillgns."
The Reserve Bank of Australia has no plans of recalling the notes as it doesn't affect their legal tender status. The error will be corrected in the next printed run according to the information release. 
The new notes, which feature Australian heroes Cowan and David Unaipon, were revealed to the public in February last year and circulated in October.
The quote, first uttered after Cowan was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia in 1921, should read: "It is a great responsibility to be the only woman here, and I want to emphasize the necessity which exists for other women being here."
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