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5 Questions To Ask Your Partner In The First Year

Ivan's times

Aug. 08, 2019

During the first year of a relationship, you get to know little things about your partner, like what their favourite pizza topping is or what TV show they can't stop watching. But if your relationship is meant to last, asking them some important questions can help you determine whether your relationship will stand the test of time.
1. What Is Your Definition Of Commitment?
Every couple has different standards for their relationship. For some, it's OK to have sex with other people as long as you ask your partner first. For others, any romantic or sexual activity with anyone who isn't your partner is off-limits.
2. How Do You Handle Your Finances?
Next to sex, money is the biggest generator of problems, arguments, and resentment in long-term relationships.
3. How Should We Share Household Responsibilities?
4. How Close Are You To Friends And Family?
If one of you has a lot of family or friends, and the other does not find out what those relationships mean.
5. How Do You Handle Your Emotions?
People can have very different ways of dealing with negative emotions. Some people might need to take some space and centre themselves before returning to the situation.
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