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Geologist Who Adopted Kitten Out On The Field Gets A Furever Home And The Pics Are Heartwarming!
Cj charming prince|Aug. 08, 2019
Love Meow reached out to the now viral Geologist Tony and his new adopted kitten, Spud (who you might recall from our ' Adopted Faces of the Week ,' last week), to get the whole story and it just keeps getting cuter and cuter!
"I work in remote areas as a geologist. Was leaving my camp this morning and heard mewing. Turned and this little fella followed me and climbed me and promptly fell asleep. I think I've been chosen. World, meet Spud. He's asleep in my field lab now after wet food and water," Tony wrote in the post.
He told Love Meow a more detailed encounter, "I heard a teeny squeaky mew and I turned around. There was a little black floof sitting in the parking area. I said, 'Kitty!' He just raced over to me as quickly as his little nubby legs could go and climbed me so fast I just laughed."
Tony then recalls the little ball of fur climbed up to his shoulders and nuzzled in for a cuddle. And as Tony gently held him, the kitty just nodded off to sleep.
Tony and his team were completely smitten with this kitten. From there, Tony drove to the nearest store and grabbed some kitty litter and food. "I snuck him into my lab. He slept in a pillow on my spare chair behind me."
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