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Hollwood Actor Danny Trejo rescues baby trapped in overturned car
Nyambura|Aug. 08, 2019
One of Holywood’s most renown villains Danny Trejo turned to a hero recently after rescuing a baby from an overturned car.
What initially looked like a stunt for an upcoming movie actually turned out to be a real-life.
The incident happened on Wednesday, August 8 in Los Angeles where two cars collided, resulting in one of them rolling over.
A child, who TUKO.co.ke understands has special needs, was trapped inside the car and that prompted Trejo, who was around the area, to spring into action.
Speaking after the heroics, the 75-year old revealed that he was compelled to help the situation because “good things happen to him” after such heroics.
"Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else," Trejo told CNN affiliate KABC. "Everything."
He also revealed he works with special needs children and that largely motivated him.
According to the LA fire department, three people were taken to hospital after the accident although their conditions were not life-threatening.
Danny Trejo grew up in Los Angeles, and made a name for himself for decades by taking up the role of tough guys and villains in blockbusters.
He has branched into business in recent years, and he currently owns a restaurant specializing in tacos as well as a Holywood doughnut shop.
The man who was called Nyama Choma | Tuko TV:
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