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New Guilty Gear Game Announced for 2020
Priscy|Aug. 08, 2019
With a teaser trailer showcasing that thing we remember the
series for - impressive animation. Like an anime come to life. From developer
Guilty Gear
, who made the
Arc System Works
also impressive
. Although 3D, the characters in this new Guilty Gear for 2020 - looks every bit like a 2D animation.
Dragon Ball FighterZ
No word yet on what platforms and system, but we assume that it'll probably be for PS4 and Xbox One. And arcade too. Although there have been new entries in the series for many years now, the last one we vividly recall playing was Guilty Gear X for the Sega Dreamcast - the shot-lived console that saw a steady stream of excellent fighters.
And talking about about classic fighters - King of Fighters 15 was also teased, but only via a logo.
Both announced came at EVO 2019, the fighting game esports tournament.
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