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SimpliSafe bypassed with $2 gadget
Md Tarikul Molla|Aug. 08, 2019
The Lock Picking Lawyer is one of my favorite YouTubers, and he's spreading his wings beyond the usual fare of dreadful padlocks and crap safes. Here he shows how to use a $2 generic remote control to "blind" SimpliSafe, a security gadget that's getting rave reviews from product testers .
This however is a little 433 megahertz remote you can get them on Amazon or Ebay for about $2, and even though it's not very powerful, it's powerful enough. Let's demonstrate using this entry sensor. I'm going to arm the system, and you can see if I were to open whatever this was attached to—let's say the frontdoor—the keypad starts starts beeping telling me to enter the pin or the alarm will be triggered. Okay let's try that one more time. But before I open the front door, I'm going to press and hold the button on this remote.
As you can see, I opened and closed the front door and SimpliSafe had no idea
Here's a $2 one, shipping included , on eBay. Amazon matches the price . If we can't review the security of security devices, we shouldn't be reviewing them at all, should we?
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