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A Look into Ant McPartlin's massive wealth: what's his net worth?
Priya|Aug. 11, 2019
There are celebrities in the society, with spendthrift lifestyles, and a media following that even some of the most prestigious royal families don't enjoy. Celebs lives are too interesting to ignore, and the media knows this too well. Is the glam real or a façade ? One thing's sure; no one features on the world-renowned tabloids and trends online for being poor. Great personalities like Ant McPartlin, one of the famous hosts in Britain's Got Talent 2019 has his outstanding share of publicity. Thanks to his decades of television work, he has an impressive net worth. Ant McPartlin has immense popularity and possesses a production company that has allowed him to grow his fortune throughout his career. So, what is Ant McPartlin net worth?
Image: instagram.com, @allantanddec
Ant McPartlin is one half of the famous duo from Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, which he’s also an executive director. He’s had quite a phenomenal career from his humble beginnings as an actor in a children’s show, “Why Don’t You?” Ant later met his future collaborator, Declan Donnelly, with whom he has built a successful business. With such a profound grasp and experience in the media industry, Ant McPartlin net worth has been, without a doubt, growing immensely. Here’s a comprehensive insight into his entire fortune. What are his sources, and how does he spend it?
Ant McPartlin's worth
Ant’s net worth is estimated at £62 million , which is roughly the same as his co-worker’s and best friend Declan Donnelly. He’s rumored to be receiving around £40 million from their lucrative ITV presenting deal. Their latest contract is approximately £30 million, which Ant’s sharing with his business partner. Much of Ant’s fortune is tied in his partnerships with Dec. They have invested in properties that are worth £10 million combined. Another bizarre, but exciting and wise component of his Ant McPartlin’s net worth is that he has insured against the death of his partner for £1 million.
How Ant earns his money?
Image: twitter.com, @antanddec
Of course, if you have a career spanning decades of consistently being a renowned media personality, you have to be worth your reputation. Ant and his business partner have amassed a vast fortune from their jobs with broadcaster and endorsement deals. He’s been a TV presenter for ITV for 21 years, and the broadcaster has stood by him during good and bad times. Ant’s massive £40 million deal with ITV meant that he and his partner would work with the channel until 2011. They have worked on anther deal that extends the contract until 2019 for £30 million.
Ant McPartline, alongside Dec, have had numerous prime time presenting slots, and they include Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, and Text Santa. With such lucrative contracts, it means that they are one of the highest-paid and valued personalities on TV hands down. Ant and Dec co-own a production company that is worth £10 million. In 2014, they made a whopping £15 million selling rights to Saturday Night Takeaway in America.
Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly net worth
This fantastic duo has been working very hard to keep people entertained, and they have graced many shows with their incredible talent for 25 years. Interestingly, they both hail from Newcastle, and are 43 years old, which some would say is a weird coincidence. Early in their lives, they had a brief pop career, and after some time, they realized that their talents lay elsewhere. Ant and Dec have amazing on-screen chemistry such that they became friends in real life. They have a close and inseparable working relationship. Ant and Dec have a joint Twitter account and have insured against each other’s deaths. Considering their numerous endorsements and contracts, they have a combined estimated net worth of £124 million. In 2019, the pair once again scooped the award for the top TV presenter.
Ant McPartlin's house
Image: Instagram.com, @allantanddec
After a tumultuous divorce, Ant McPartlin decided to settle in a swanky, £4 million mansion in the London suburbs. He bought it on 12th August 2018. It is believed that he’s renting the house for £12,000 every month. It is a three-storey apartment with large windows, sleek interiors, and a spacious outdoor environment ideal for hosting guests. The lavish house consists of six bedrooms, a game room, and sprawling garden and many more. Ant currently lives there with his girlfriend. On the other hand, Ant McPartlin has bought his ex-wife another property that’s worth £5 million. It has eight bedrooms, a dining hall, and a swimming pool at the back.
Bitcoin Revolution and Ant McPartlin
Image: Instagram.com, @allantanddec
Recently, Ant McPartlin has been unknowingly connected in a bitcoin scam popularly known as “Bitcoin Revolution”. The initiative dupes interested investors using celebrity images without their permission. Several adverts claim Ant and Dec are making millions out of such investments with fake reviews of the same. The crooks state that Ant McPartlin bitcoin journey started after he appeared on BBC Two show Dragon's Den with his business partner. Unfortunately, this is a sophisticated global Bitcoin scam that many have lost their money to.
You'll hardly hear Ant's name without his business partner as their strong bond and business prowess shadow most of his success. It is like they fill each other's weaknesses. Fans have expressed their support as Ant, and his business colleague have won numerous awards in their long career. Although Ant's had his share of negative publicity, the most recent whereby he had to pay up to £86,000 fine and 20-month driving ban, he has a successful career. The media industry has a massive appetite for well-baked and talented professionals for the many TV shows that are raking in millions all over the world. Who knows, maybe next year, Ant McPartlin net worth will have doubled!
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