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Kibaki used and dumped me - Karua

Gladys Larmie

Aug. 13, 2019

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua fought for retired President Mwai Kibaki during the disputed 2007 elections only to be undermined by his administration later.
“I voted for him so I was also defending my vote. I am glad he gave me an opportunity to serve Kenyans as a Cabinet minister,” she said.
The Narc-K leader is often criticised for taking a hardline position when the country was disintegrating into chaos and her insistence that Kibaki won the elections.
She was an agent of the Party of National Unity, the vehicle Kibaki used to seek a second term.
Karua said she fought for Kibaki the same way Senate minority leader James Orengo did for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. “I did for Kibaki what Orengo did for Raila. It would be undemocratic to say only Raila deserved an agent at KICC,” she explained.
Her relationship with Kibaki was short-lived and Karua became the first minister to resign from the Grand Coalition Government in April 2009. The then Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister said she could not compromise on certain things, a matter which culminated in her resignation.
“I was an outsider in Kibaki’s government on matters of integrity. When they wanted to pay the Anglo Leasing and I completely resisted, there was a fallout. They ended paying later after I had left,” she recalled.
The Anglo Leasing scam saw the country lose an estimated Sh50 billion after security-related contracts were awarded to companies that failed to honour their part of the deals.
Karua, who at the time referred to in some quarters as the "Iron Lady" and the "only man in Kibaki's Cabinet",  said the President held her in high regards and trusted her to run his errands.
“I did all that for him but still there was consistent undermining of my ministry,” she stated.
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