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New Drug Promises To WIPE OUT Ebola For Good


Aug. 13, 2019

- Ebola might soon be a preventable and treatable disease
- More than 90% of infected people can survive if treated early with effective drugs
- The new drug promises to save lives
According to reports, Ebola might soon be a “preventable and treatable” disease. This was after a trial of two drugs showed a significantly improved survival rate.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, four drugs were tested on patients. More than 90% of infected people can survive if they are treated early with effective drugs.
According to the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the results are “very good news” for the fight against Ebola. The drugs are called REGN-EB3 and mAb114 and they work by attacking the Ebola virus with antibodies while neutralizing its impact on human cells.
The director of NIAID, Dr Anthony Fauci, says, these drugs are the “first drugs that, in a scientifically sound study, have clearly shown a significant diminution in mortality” for Ebola patients.
The new drug promises to save lives and turn Ebola into a “preventable and treatable” disease.
According to Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust Global Health Charity, “We won’t ever get rid of Ebola but we should be able to stop these outbreaks from turning into major national and regional epidemics.”
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