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10 hilarious guidelines Nairobians should follow to avoid getting conned in Mombasa
Ralph|Aug. 19, 2019
There is always this unexplained excitement attached to first times especially when a person decides to visit a city or country for the first time.
For those who have never been to the pearly white beaches of Kenya, there is always a preconceived notion of what they expect to find in Mombasa.
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First, nearly every first time local tourist yearns for a ride on the ferry. Just to feel like they are what you could term as true tourists.
Then, there is the need to bask in the glaring sun with your bum kissing the sand. Blissful, right?
However, like every other city, Mombasa or any other coastal town comes with its own handbook.
If you thought it was as easy as booking a room and flying out for an amazing time out, think again!
Here are a few things you need to know before you go to Mombasa and have all your luggage stolen right from under your nose.
1. Likoni is not situated outside Mombasa.
2. People are not required to pay for a ferry ride.
3. Lol! If you meet a woman by the name Mwanahamisi, please do not assume their mother's name is Hamisi.
4. Hehe! There are way more beaches other than pirates beach.
5. Nyali bridge is not located in Nyali estate.
6. Know the difference between a coconut and liquor. Both have similar Swahili names.
7. When a tout calls out for people going to Mbololo please note they are referring to a destination known as Bombolulu.
8. Make sure you have your lingua mastered. Swahili spoken in Nairobi varies from that spoken in Mombasa.
9. If you want to go to Chuda, look out for a matatu written Tudor.
10. Be weary of beach boys, they do not really have a crush on you and they only want your belonging.
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