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KRA should collect county revenue - Outgoing CoB

Shehu Dauda Gar

Aug. 20, 2019

Outgoing Controller of Budget Agnes Odhiambo has recommended that Kenya Revenue Authority should collect revenue for counties.
Odhiambo, in her exist speech, said the devolved units are losing revenue running into billions of shillings because of the leakages associated with systems they use.
"Counties are collecting less revenues than their potential because of weak systems or leakages. Counties should put in place efficient systems of collecting revenue," she said on Tuesday.
The budget controller reiterated that the low revenue collection is causing huge budget deficits.This, she explained, has led to huge bills incurred by the counties.
Odhiambo also called for action to tame the ballooning wage bill in counties, adding that high expenditure on personnel emoluments is hurting development.
Odhiambo added that budget executions in counties have been hampered by the hostile relationships between some governors and their MCAs.
Odhiambo said she made numerous achievements during her right year term at helm of the office of CoB.
She said she was proud of herself for having operationalised the office.
"This office was unique. It is the only one in Africa. We did not have staff apart from 22 that were seconded to us from the ministries," she said.
Odhiambo said the office has been timely in approval funds for counties and national government agencies and producing quarterly and yearly reports on budget implementation.
She said there is urgent need to build the capacity of county assemblies to effectively oversight and scrutinise budget proposals from the executives.
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