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Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka Reveals Something Interesting About His High School Life


Aug. 23, 2019

Kenneth Lusaka, Senate Speaker recalls his first day in in high school. He can now afford to laugh about a bizarre “baptism” ritual carried out on his first night in secondary school.
It was back in the days in 1977 when this happened; it was a rude welcome to Kibabii High School in Bungoma.
When he recalls the incidents,Form Two students at the institution woke up the Form Ones at around 4am and “baptised” them with cold water, as part of the school’s traditions back then.
It was a good gesture of welcoming students to the school, but every secondary school there is a thing or two that will serve as a reminder of the transition from primary school.
When He joined Kibabii, bullying of Form Ones was fashionable; something he says should never be condoned.
He had to cope with the situation, considering it was his first time in a boarding school. He says the challenges he faced between 1977 and 1980 when he was a student at the school hardened him.
The challenges included Form Ones being robbed of their food rations, especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays when meat was served.
He now believes the bullying was a small drawback to the students, as there was serious pressure on Kibabii students to prosper.
The experiences inside and outside the school life, he says, prepared him for the future in many ways.
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