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Nigerian-American Love in LA! Joanne & Chris’ Pre-Wedding Shoot

Napoko Annet

Sept. 10, 2019

To Live and Love in LA!
Nigerian Joanne and Chris are getting set to wed on Memorial Day weekend, May 24th, 2015 in the sunny sexy city of Los Angeles, California.
They met and live in the city and wanted to display their love for one another and their city in their pre-wedding shoot. The couple have been dating for over 6 years and in April 2014 he proposed.
From Joanne, “Our love story started over 5 years ago and since then Chris and I have developed a strong, loving, God filled relationship, that conquers all! The day Chris asked me to be his wife, was the most beautiful day of my life!
Chris planned it to the T and he couldn’t have done a better job. I had recently accepted a new job, which was long awaited after tireless searches to secure better employment following getting my Masters degree in Public Health.
My Friday was so easy breezy; I went to the gym in the morning, spent hours at the mall, spent some time with my grandmother who is getting old and has been waiting for me to marry, followed by dinner and drinks with my sisters. My older sister Juliet planned the whole thing to celebrate my new job, so we got all dolled up for a good time at a restaurant in the Hollywood hills with a view of the city. Little did I know, she had something else up her sleeve! As I sat at the table my sister presented me with a large gift box that she said was a congratulatory gift. I opened the box to find a heart-shaped box inside, then opened that to find a smaller heart-shaped box, then a smaller box, then a smaller box (by this time I started to get nervous because I just knew that this production was not put on by my sister), then the last box was small little blue Tiffany’s box!!! I froze.
Then all of a sudden Chris was behind me and my heart was beating uncontrollably. He took the box from my hand and proceeded to get down on one knee and ask for my hand in marriage and I said Yes! New job and now this!”
The pre-wedding shoot: The formal piano shoot was taken at Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA; Chris is a singer and musician and wanted to capture this in their photos.
The couple said, “This shoot is for the romantic and elegant side of our relationship while the park shoot is for our playful and laid-back side. The rooftop shoot was taken in downtown Los Angeles with the city skyline behind us.”
Enjoy & be inspired!
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