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We Asked Photographers From All Over The World To Share Their ‘Red’ Photos, Here Are The 50 Best Entries

Awoyemi Oluseye Abiodun

Sept. 11, 2019

Take a walk on AGORA’s #Red2019 carpet and discover the 50 finalists who are competing to win the $1000 prize! Who will you cast your vote to?
Colors can have a huge impact on our emotions, our perceptions, but also our spiritual and physical well being. The red color has many symbolisms depending on which corner of the planet you’ve been brought up: in China, India and many other Asian countries, red is the color of happiness and good fortune while Europe and United States will associate the color with passion, sexuality or even anger.
These 50 photographers have shared their unique point of view about the red color, and have been selected among more than 16,711 submissions in the #Red2019 Photo Contest by AGORA images, the free-to-use photography app that has been rewarding the world’s biggest prizes in global photo contests since 2017.
The AGORA Community can now vote for their favorite photo in the app, and help the guest judge decide who will be the #Red2019 Hero who will win the prize of $1,000. Winner will be announced on Thursday 10th october 2019.
More info: go.onelink.me
A Red Team
Fire spotted in the neighbourhood!
by @asadksungkar (Indonesia)
(Asad Khalid Sungkar/AGORA images)
Alargadas sombras
Extended shadow snapped at the 4 Towers, Madrid
by @juliannieves (Spain)
(Julian Nieves/AGORA images)
An exciting curiosity
Macro shot of an ant making its way to the flower
by @micluna (Philippines)
(Michael Angelo Luna/AGORA images)
Ballerina left to her thoughts after training by @dikyedarling (Indonesia) (Dikye Ariani/AGORA images)
Barcelona Sunset
Sunset over Tibidabo, Barcelona’s highest mountain and home of the Sagrat Cor church and one of the oldest amusement park in the world that was built in 1899. by @xopet1969 (Spain) (Albert Castañe/AGORA images)
Beauty sunrise of Bagan
Incredible sunset shot of Bagan’s pagodas
by @yanxing (Myanmar)
(Yan Xing/AGORA images)
Curious little girl
Bedtime stories under the red sheets for this little girl in Spain
by @vitavera (Spain)
(Beatriz Vera/AGORA images)
Fishermen on the shores of the Caspian sea, Iran
by @mohammadmoheimany (Iran)
(Mohammad Moheimani/AGORA images)
Fushimi Inari | Japan
The photographer went to this japanese shrine at. 4:30am to. beat the crowds and get a perfect snapshot
by @leemumford8 (UK)
(Lee Mumford/AGORA images)
Daily life in a rural village in West Bengal.
By @chandrani (India)
(Sujit Saha/AGORA images)
Hawa Mahal
Wonderful palace in Jaipur, India
by @the_soulholics
(Jeet Khagram/AGORA images)
Head up high through it all
Powerful portrait taken in Accra, Ghana
by @reqshotit (Ghana)
(Reuben Ekow Quansah/AGORA images)
Departure goodbye at Barrackpore’s train station.
by @debchak (India)
(Debasish Chakraborty/AGORA images)
Novice and umbrella
Fierce-looking monk at the Naipyidó pagoda.
by @naingtunwinbagan
I’m silent but it doesn’t mean consent
Powerful portrait taken in Accra, Ghana
by @kobbykatalist (Ghana)
(Ishmael Amuzu-Quaidoo/AGORA images)
It sucks my blood
The photographer has caught this mosquito red-handed
By @faisalahmad_ssi (Indonesia)
(Faisal Achmad Taufik/AGORA images)
Shot taken in Saatchi Gallery, London
by @jprphotos (UK)
(Jonny Rogers/AGORA images)
The photographer pictured his daughter through a rainy window.
by @raiden (Spain)
(Carlos Hernan Cruz/AGORA images)
Young monk portrayed in Myanmar (Myo Thet/AGORA images)
by @myothet (Myanmar)
(Myo Thet/AGORA images)
Taken at the Hsinbyume Pagoda in Mandalay, Myanmar
By @phyuayepwint (Myanmar)
Poker face
When the photographer looked over her son’s shoulder and saw his cards, she knew it would make a killer photo for the #Red2019 Contest
by @alidigio (Switzerland)
(Alida libretti/AGORA images)
Reading the holy quran
The photographer captured this fellow believer reading the Quran at his local mosque
by @andrydenisah (Indonesia)
(Andry Denisah/AGORA images)
Buddhist monks line up for regional gathering in Myanmar
by @phyoezawmgy
(PhyoeZawMgy/AGORA images)
Red Chili Packers
Chilli pepper farm in Bogra, north Bangladesh
by @jakirhossainrana (Bangladesh)
(MD Jakir Hossain Rana/AGORA images)
Receiving Arms
Monk collecting food for his monastery in Mandalay, Myanmar
by @aungthuya (Myanmar)
(Aung Thuya/AGORA images)
Red and Fire
Vibrant red color captured during the Macau International Fireworks Display Contest
by @spinnermel (Macau)
(Rommel De Castro/AGORA images)
Red drop
By @salimbhayangkara (Indonesia) (Bhayangkara/AGORA images)
Red flower
Beautiful close-up of a red Dahlia, which is known to be the national flower of Mexico.
by @a.rosenthal (Germany)
(A.Rosenthal/AGORA images)
Red chilli
Drone camera shot of chili fields in Sariakandi Bogra, Bangladesh
by @momin21a (Bangladesh)
(M I Momin/AGORA images)
Red is my game
Shot during a theatre performance in Athens
by @markellos (Greece)
(Markellos Plakitsis/AGORA images)
Red Millipede
Millipedes are nature’s little recyclers: they are detritivores, meaning they feed on dead plants and animals by @yuvaraj_krishnamoorthy (India) (Yuvaraj.k/AGORA images)
Red Umbrella
From this point of view, this photographer might have been visited by aliens!
by @fabiansaw (Myanmar)
(Saw Fabian/AGORA images)
Red Umbrella
By @pixsas (Germany) (Pixsas/AGORA images)
Powerful portrait taken in the red shadow.
by @birazhayalci (Turkey)
(Kaan Türker/AGORA images)
This foodie photographer shot this bowl of red spices in the comfort of his home in NYC
by @nodar (USA)
(Nodar Chernishev/AGORA images)
On her way to the market in the city of Amstelveen, Netherlands
by @marcelvanbalken (Netherlands)
(Marcel Van Balken/AGORA images)
Photo taken outside of one of Tbilisi’s shopping malls
by @damiane (Georgia)
(Nika Pailodze/AGORA images)
The sizzling summer heat makes the use of umbrellas indispensable in Myanmar
By @phyomoe (Myanmar)
(Phyo Moe/AGORA images)
Cheerful monk poses for the camera
by @thantzin712 (Myanmar)
(Thant Zin/AGORA images)
Symbolic red architecture under windy moving clouds
by @rockmagery (Italy)
(Rockson/AGORA images)
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