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Parents are now hosting children's birthday parties at KMART where they give children $20 each and clues to find special treats around the store


Sept. 12, 2019

Australian parents are now hosting Kmart parties for their daughters, giving each child $20 to spend in store on everything from bath bombs to stationery and fake nails.
The theme was created by a member of the Facebook group Kmart Mums before it was quickly circulated among other party connoisseurs.
Chantal Simms asked her daughter Bella whether a shopping trip at her 'favourite store' would be a viable option for her 10th birthday.
She became 'very excited' by the party suggestion.
'I printed out the shopping challenge and when we arrived I explained how it would work. Then the kids took me to the relevant areas,' she told FEMAIL.
In her version the school-aged group were given $20, had to stay together at all times and 'be creative' in their purchases.
They had to buy something to eat for $2, something to wear, a beauty product, something starting with B and something to do.
Chantal said her friends were very enthusiastic about the shopping experience and were treated to a lunch after the main event.
Rebecca Downing's daughter Piper wanted a similar party plan for her 11th birthday, but instead included instructions about collecting 'something glittery', 'something for school' and 'something starting with P'.
'The kids were invited to do a treasure hunt and then just had lunch at Hungry Jacks,' Rebecca said.
'When the kids arrived we gave them a letter outlining the rules and what the guidelines were for each of their purchases.
'The girls read through the instructions and then split into groups. I explained that I was going to be in the middle of the store for questions and adding up.
'Then an hour later they returned to me and we all lined up, paid for their goodies and left the shop.'
The 10 young ladies were able to secure bath bombs, pens, pencils, books, craft, nail polish, fake nails and clothes.
Other parents have posted about their desire to replicate the party online and believe it works out being a cheaper alternative than hosting the bash at their homes.
'These parties are getting popular now. What a great idea,' one person said.
'Cool idea my daughter and her friends would be so happy if I did this for her! You’ll be in the running for mum of the year with all these girls after this,' another said.
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