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Wife is hurt for not continuing to hug her in bed while I comforted my crying sister

Adedeji akinola

Sept. 15, 2019

Let me just preface this by saying that my wife is currently pregnant and really emotional. However, I think she is being incredibly childish and unreasonable in this situation.
My 3 year old sister slept over last night at our place, along with my wife’s two younger sisters. They were all fast asleep in our pullout bed in the living room when my sister came in our room at around 1am crying. My wife was sleeping next to me, and I had my arm around her.
When my sister came next to me, I kinda let go of my wife to be able to better comfort her with both arms. I try to comfort her back to sleep, but she kept bawling. At this point I still didn’t know I had even done anything wrong. I told wife I was going to drop sister back off at home, since she was inconsolable.
When I got back home about 15 minutes later, wife was sleeping on the pullout bed with her sisters. She refused to come back in bed, was crying, and said she was really hurt that I didn’t just use both arms to hug them both.
We made up eventually and I got her to come back in bed, but she’s apparently still really hurt. She says she’s too good of a wife to me and that’s why I feel free to just take advantage and hurt her feelings (not true, and even if it is, this is the first time I’ve heard of me hurting her feelings in a really long time).
She’s speaking to me and hugging me this morning, but refuses to shower and eat with me or cook for me. I don’t care, I can cook my own food. I just feel like she’s being really dramatic.
I just need to know who’s in the wrong here. I get she’s pregnant and very hormonal and sensitive, but I think she’s blowing things way out of proportion.
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