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Most Common Sexual Problems In A Relationship That We Ignore But Can Easily Be Avoided


Sept. 16, 2019

There could be several reasons why sexual problems creep into a relationship. But if you catch the signs early or make up your mind to turn things around, you can rekindle the flickering flame of passion and make your relationship feel just as exciting as it felt during the stage of infatuation.
Read these 5 most common sexual problems in a relationship, and if you’re experiencing any of these issues in your own love lives, fix it before it turns into an irreparable sexual problem.
1.Mismatched sex drive. 
A man may experience the peak of arousal within ten minutes if he chooses to. But a woman generally takes a lot longer to experience a sexual orgasm. If the sexual drives of both partners don’t match or if one partner is always left unsatisfied by the experience, it’s only a matter of time before sex starts to feel like a rewardless burden.
Indulge in longer foreplay that excites both lovers, and communicate with each other. It’s the easiest way to avoid this kind of a sexual problem in the relationship.
If you’re doing the same missionary in the same corner of the bed every single time, things can start to get pretty boring in a few years. Experiment with each other, make sex feel exciting and refreshing by trying new things all the time.
3.Sexual anxiety. 
Do you realize that you haven’t had sex for a long time? And does that thought actually make you feel more restless and anxious each time you think of it? For many couples, it’s easier to completely ignore sexual intimacy instead of dealing with the stress of confronting the issue.
It’s true, confronting the issue could make you want to squirm, but once both of you learn to deal with it, both of you will come out closer and more in love with each other.
4.Lethargy and laziness. 
Sex is not a chore! Have you ever felt like it was easier to just pretend to be asleep instead of having sex with your partner? You may have a tiring lifestyle, but if you’re looking for excuses to avoid sex, you’re only going to drift away from your partner instead of getting closer.
5.Distractions in bed. 
iPads, televisions and electronic gadgets encroach your together time all the time. And if you have a television in your bedroom or surround yourself with gadgets, it’ll inevitably creep into your together time and turn into a distraction, even if both of you don’t realize it. When you get into bed with each other, avoid bringing any gadgets to bed, and your relationship will improve in no time.
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