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Boyfriend (24) broke up with me (25) via facebook messenger after 8 years of being together.

Abdul mujeer ansari

Sept. 17, 2019

He went to Europe for a month for an internship. Basically ghosted me for 3 weeks while he was out there. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I messaged him and told me why he was ignoring me. He broke up with me via facebook messenger after 8 years of being together. Basically said that I was controlling and trying to change him.
When he got back from Europe, I had to see him because I had to move my things from the house we were living in. I saw him and we both cried. However, still blamed me for everything going down hill. I apologized to him and said I still wanted to work things out and maybe we can even try couples counseling. Being with him for 8 years, I couldn’t just let it go that easily. I had to fight for our relationship to work out. But he was very adamant about ending it.
I felt devastated because we would always communicate and work things out and this time he said he promised himself that it was over even though it would be a hard decision even after seeing me in person.
Two weeks after I moved out, I got a call from one of our friends telling me how he spoke to my ex and how he was telling him about a girl he met in Europe. I was upset because he basically blamed me for the relationship going south when he was hoeing around with another girl.
I messaged him and said that I wanted to know If I should get tested because we slept together when he came back. (For the record, I didn’t know then he already fucked some other girl).
He basically told me that technically he didn’t cheat on me and that he fucked the girl after he texted me that he wanted us to be over.
I felt angry, disgusted and violated how he had sex with me when he knew from the start what he had done. He blamed me for the relationship ending and for a month I couldn’t eat nor sleep properly.
My life basically fell apart and for these past few months I’m honestly just trying to keep my life together. But the fact the he doesn’t seem to think he is in the wrong still haunts me. Im honestly trying my best to move forward but every time I think of what he did to me, I just break down to tears and wonder why this happened to me.
I don’t even know if posting this on reddit is going to solve anything. I guess I’m just ranting and maybe looking for some advice. I just want to be able to have a good night sleep again.
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