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WWE News: Brock Lesnar returns to SmackDown; will face Kofi Kingston on SmackDown's debut on Fox for WWE Championship


Sept. 18, 2019

After a hard-fought win over The Revival and Randy Orton on SmackDown, Kofi Kingston and The New Day weren't able to celebrate for very long as The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar , returned to SmackDown and the WWE for the first time since SummerSlam.
Lesnar had won the Money in the Bank briefcase at the MITB PPV in May of this year, but did not cash it in until Extreme Rules. At Extreme Rules, he defeated Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship after Rollins and Becky Lynch had topped Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in the main event.
Prior to the creation of the Universal Championship, Lesnar held the WWE Title upon his initial return to the WWE, defeating John Cena for the title in 2014.
The Beast's return obviously coincides with SmackDown's move to FOX and the WWE wants its biggest Superstars on the new flagship show. He had previously teased both Rollins and Kingston with his briefcase, but after winning the Universal Championship and losing it within the span of a few months, it looks like he'll be going after the other major title in WWE.
With his return to WWE programming, Lesnar joins Luke Harper, the Authors of Pain and Rusev as stars who have reappeared in the WWE over the last week prior to the upcoming draft. While they are not tied down to one show per se, it gives the WWE Universe a reminder that these Superstars are still around.
Will he win the title on October 4th during the debut of SmackDown on FOX? An F5 to Kingston during his return to SmackDown was a harbinger of the possible future that we might be witnessing.
Lesnar's return not only spoiled a potential celebration for The New Day but it also put the entire WWE back on notice.
The promotion relies on Lesnar's star power to sell PPVs and with a lot of changes occurring in the WWE regarding shows moving nights and stars changing brands, it appears that one of Vince McMahon's most trusted employees will be a featured player going forward. That is, of course, when he decides to show up.
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